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What we do

E&C Anechoic Chambers is the world leader in development and manufacturing of microwave absorbing materials and anechoic chambers. The production of leading-edge materials and engineered solutions result in the design and manufacturing of custom parts.

Our Shielding Partner

EMEA: Albatross Projects GmbH

North & South America:  AP Americas Inc.

China: Albatross Projects RF Technology (Shanghai) Co.Ltd.

India: Albatross Projects RF Technology India Private Ltd.


Our Focus

Our focus will remain on the worldwide EMC- and Antenna-Test Site Market. In joining the Albatross Projects Group we benefit of their project management capabilities, thus concentrating of “cutting edge” absorbers for the Test Site Market.



High-performance absorbers that combine broadband design with a wide selection. E&C absorbers are available in numerous designs and sizes in order to achieve the required absorption in the specific range. All E&C absorbers satisfy the REACH and RoHS directives for safe workspaces.
Check our Application Note.     


  • WAVASORB® VHP - Pyramidal Absorber
  • WAVASORB® VHY - EMC Hybrid Absorber
  • WAVASORB® FS - Flat Absorber
  • WAVASORB® VHP FL - Walkable Absorber
  • WAVASORB® WG - Wedge Absorber
  • WAVASORB® VX - Truncated Pyramidal Absorber
  • WAVASORB® AN - Laminated Flexible Flat Foam Absorber
  • WAVASORB® CV - Convoluted Broadband Foam Absorber
  • WAVASORB® HFX/HFS - High and Medium Power Absorber
  • WAVASORB® HHP-60 - Hollow Pyramidal Absorbers
  • REACH & RoHS Application Note
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    Asian Office

    E&C Anechoic Chambers Asia Ltd
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    Sales Contact: Mr. Jeffrey Tsang
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